Small asteroids can pack a mighty punch

I obtained this bit of news from David Darling’s wonderful and very informative website which, is always updated with the latest space and Astronomy News daily.

Beware the blast from above: small asteroids that explode before they hit the ground may be more dangerous than we thought. Asteroids a few tens of metres in diameter rip through the atmosphere at between 40 and 60 times the speed of sound, and many explode before they hit Earth. The British weekly New Scientist also has a good article concerning the threat of small Tunguska sized bodies.

The Tunguska event of June 30th, 1908 occurred over western Siberia resulting in an explosion some one thousand times greater than that of the Hiroshima bomb. Next year marks the centenary of that awesome event.

Imagine a Tunguska sized fireball exploding over New York City. The video segment below outlines just such a scenario very vividly.


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