Another Iemma stuff up

This time its the Epping to Chatswood tunnel.

TRANPORT Minister John Watkins and RailCorp chief Vince Graham have confirmed that one in 12 CityRail trains have been banned from using the Epping to Chatswood tunnel because of a design bungle.

It also appears that the 12.5 kilometre tunnel was designed and was well underway to being built years before the problem was known.

The Daily Telegraph exclusively revealed the design bungle, which was initally met with denials from authorities.

However Mr Graham today admitted the Tangara trains – around eight per cent of the CityRail fleet – could not be used on the tunnel because the 4km incline from under the Lane Cove river would cause the train’s traction motor to burn out too quickly.

Instead the tunnel will be serviced by trains up to 30 years old and special outer-suburban trains intended for inter-city routes.

So we are now getting a $2 billion tunnel that only some trains can use. Great planning Premier!
Also, why is it only the older trains that can use it? Are modern trains inferior?

No wonders theres speculation Iemma will go. The talk is Police Minister Watkins will get the job. Why he should be any better I don’t know.

My candidate is the Treasurer Michael Costa, he properly be just as hopeless as the rest of the tired ministers but a global warming sceptic neocon as Labor Premier would be hilarious.


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