Half way!

The Crossing the Ditch kayakers have now passed the half way point. It hasn’t been easy, the electric desalination unit has malfunctioned and they have resorted to the manually operated spare. The weather has worsened and they have made little headway in the last couple of days and it looks bad for the next few days. But heres the latest report:

Officially Half Way

Crossing the Ditch :: Trans-Tasman Kayak Expedition

It is official. James Castrission and Justin Jones are now over half way to achieving their childhood dream.

The crew have now paddled in excess of 1380km. The direct distance (‘as the crow flies’) from the point of departure at Forster NSW was over 1050km at 11:30am on Monday 3 December 2007. The direct distance to the intended point of landing at Cornwallis Beach, New Zealand was 1048km.

This morning the Race Recon Team sent the usual daily update (‘sked’) through to the team advising James and Justin of the challenging weather forecast which includes a week of headwinds up to 20kts. Typical of the inspirational crew they fired back a quick reply on their satellite phone as follows;

‘We’ll jump into the pits and battle it out. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’

Follow the adventure live at crossingtheditch.com.au


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