Tom Swift movie

It looks like that everyones favorite boy inventor, Tom Swift, could be coming to the big screen. From Variety:

Worldwide Biggies, a digital studio recently opened by longtime Nickelodeon and Spike exec Albie Hecht, has acquired all rights to Simon & Schuster’s long-running Tom Swift book series.

The company plans to introduce the franchise with a feature film and vidgame and follow with episodes for TV and the Web. Hecht used a similar pattern for “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,” which opened as a film while he was head of Nick Movies and soon segued into an estimable run as a TV skein.

Worldwide Biggies is in talks with potential partners — directors, producers and/or studios — some of the decisions about how the Swift series will be put onscreen will be made after that partnership is set……..

“I grew up basically reading comicbooks and Tom Swift,” Hecht said. “The books always gave you something unexpected and brought the reader this feeling that ‘I can be an inventor. I can do that.'” Because of the property’s heritage and family nature, Hecht said it would have the “boomer equity” that has boosted the B.O. of many recent franchises.

The earliest installments, dating to 1910, “have a kind of a Jules Verne feel, where they’re talking about inventions that have actually now happened,” Hecht said. Those early ones have titles like “Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle.” Eventually, the series was modernized and taken in more of an edgy, graphic-novel direction.

What concerns me is the part below:

The visual approach could be a live action-CGI combo or motion-capture, Hecht said, and the initial concept is to posit that Swift Industries is now a leading “green technology” company, giving the 20th century series a modern twist.

Tom Swift and the Environmentally Friendly Wind Powered Car? It just doesn’t sound right.

2 Responses to “Tom Swift movie”

  1. 1 Anonymous December 18, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    I grew up with Tom Swift, Shopton is just around the corner;)

  2. 2 Alex Michael Bonnici December 19, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    And, Tom Swift is still alive and well on the Web view my very first article on Discovery Enterprise:

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