Congratulations Mr Nelson

Mr Nelson is the best choice for Liberal leader. He is hard working, capable and very presentable. Malcolm Turnbull is brilliant and energetic but his recent comments made him appear far too leftest. The election was not a victory for the left. Kevin Rudd won because he moved the ALP to the conservative centre. He sold himself as a young John Howard with fresh ideas and opposed Work Choices. I’m beginning to think Turnbull is the Liberal’s Mark Latham. Anyway he is now Shadow Treasurer there plenty of scope there for Malcolm to prove himself.

Brendan Nelson must know that his chances of victory at the next election are slim. History is against him. All he can really do is make the party strong enough to avoid going backwards. He will properly be turfed out after the next election (assuming he survives that long) but theres always a chance of a come back, John Howard did after all.

In my view Nelson should accept the Rudd does have a mandate to govern. He should allow the Senate to pass the major legislation Labor promised. Give Rudd the rope to hang himself with. Six years down the track some of those promises are going to explode in Rudd’s face.

Nelson wants to to concentrate more on social issues, good idea, the Libs are perceived as hard economic rationalist, and weak on issues like health and education. There plenty of room there for some free market policies that would appeal to the public. I’ll present a few soon.

One more thought, he is a former Labor Party member who swapped to the Libs in the early 90’s. So how long will it take for the left to point and cry EVIL NEOCON!?

He was interviewed on the 7.30 Report and was just excellent.


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