Epic Voyage about to begin

You might remember we interviewed the Crossing the Ditch team recently. It now looks like the great adventure will begin next week:



In a world-first, Sydney mates James Castrission and Justin Jones will attempt to “Cross the Ditch” by kayaking 2200km, unassisted, from Foster, NSW to Auckland, New Zealand.

The pair will set off from Forster Marina Boat Ramp (on the Forster break wall next to the bridge, Forster Side- take ‘sea side’ exit from roundabout), Tuesday 13 November. They will be taking interviews between 0900- 01030 and departing at 1100.

Castrission (25, from Gordon) and Jones (24, from Kensington) have been preparing their custom-built kayak and expedition plans for the past two years to ensure the safest possible journey. The ‘Crossing the Ditch’ expedition is expected to take between 40 and 50 days. The two young men will use the prevailing currents and winds to take them southeast from Newcastle to Auckland, New Zealand.

The young adventurers are confident they have researched, prepared and tested as much as possible, but are under no illusions about the potential for things to go wrong. However, they believe they can balance the spirit of human adventure with a sensible approach to safety.

“We’re looking to fulfil a childhood dream by completing one of the last great Australian adventures, but we’re also highly conscious of taking every conceivable precaution to ensure we complete the journey,” said Castrission.

“This trip has been delayed twice over the past year to ensure we have the right equipment, the right conditions and the right safety practices in place…….

The risks of the venture can not be understated, the Tasman has already claimed the life of one kayaker. We pray for a successful and safe expedition.


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