Poverty bullshit

The most disgusting bunch of parasites in the country are the professional welfare lobby. They depend on poverty for their existence, any success in alleviating real poverty is a threat to their survival. So they will find some whether it exit or not. Peter Saunders looks at poverty bullshit in todays Australian.

Another non existent poverty problem is the supposed gap between rich and poor. Lets examine this gap. Lets assume we have two people, one on $500 a week the other on $1000. The difference, the “gap” is $500. Now we double their income. The poorer person earns $1000 a week the other $2000, but of course the difference also doubles to $1000. Horrors of horrors! The gap increases!

I had to put up with this crap during my years in Centrelink/DSS. God I’m glad I left.

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