Pulling the Plug Nearing Release

With the environment seriously degrading by the minute and oil closing $90 USD a barrel, the alternative energy book PULLING THE PLUG is on schedule for a December release. Here is what the promotional material says:

Pulling the Plug – Real Personal Energy Independence – A Homeowner’s can-do guide to unplugging from the grid one step at a time.

“Dennis Chamberland makes it easy for everyone to unplug from the energy grid. Now the average homeowner or renter can unplug from electrical power, gas and heating oil grids permanently – one small step at a time! Well placed rumors have stated that unplugging from the grid is far too expensive for the average family and further, that the equipment expenses are so high they will never be returned in actual savings. Chamberland shorts out those rumors in easy to understand language and by demonstrating that the entire house does not and should not be unplugged all at once. Instead, he offers a revolutionary new method of powering down from the grid and powering back up on your own energy system using the free energy that literally falls and blows about your home each day. Now you can be your own power company and harvest the free energy that is wasted on your own property each and every second. And you can do it one circuit, one simple affordable step at a time!”
The cover price for the book is being hotly debated but it looks like it will be a reasonable $14.95. Following that release, ABYSS OF SPACE will follow shortly – I hope!

2 Responses to “Pulling the Plug Nearing Release”

  1. 1 Alex Michael Bonnici October 21, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Hello Dennis, A new book published by you is always a major event I look forward to! And, now with the price of oil expected to rise to $ 100 a barrel, a book on energy independence for the consumer is a Godsend. As I mentioned to Ralph earlier today the priced of oil is a major issue in Malta. ) The price of oil has had a drastic effect on the cost of electricity. We, the Maltese consumer, are currently paying a surcharge of 52 % on our electricity bills and the Maltese government is taking heroic measures to offset this through subsidies.http://www.timesofmalta.com/core/article.php?id=4004So do me a favour and reserve two copies of your new book for me.Best Regards,Alex

  2. 2 Ralph Buttigieg October 21, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    G’day,Dennis, were the experiments done on your Florida home or your Stonebrooke?taRalph

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