Battle of the Braless

I think Elle would have more success promoting her business products if she actually wore them.

Elle, Uma Thurman in battle of the bra

SHE emerged earlier this year from “The Body” snatcher drama involving title pretender, Heidi Klum with her dignity intact.

But Elle Macpherson has just been one-upped, or rather, out-cupped by romantic rival Uma Thurman in a new battle of the babes.

The Hollywood glamazon, now dating Elle’s ex Arki Busson, trumped the Aussie supermodel, after wearing a rather revealing gown that left London society tongues more than wagging at the annual Fashion Rocks party on Thursday.

Comparisons with Macpherson were swift, after she scored raunch points with a similarly sheer top earlier in the week.

Two days later Thurman went tit-for-tat in a gauze-like Valentino stunner and the bra wars were on.

Seeing through the gown as a perfect opportunity to turn Thurman into a page 3 girl, the UK papers have had a field day polling people.

So for those suffering from John Howard v Kevin Rudd election fatigue, we’ll leave you to decide – or just titter – over this seriously silly cleavage contest.


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