If I’m a good little boy can I have one please?

I heard about theOne Laptop Per Child ( OLPC) project a while back but didn’t realise what a remarkable machine the XO is. The laptop is supposed to be a cheap (less then $200) machine targeted at third world children. The idea is governments will by them in the millions for their school kids. Production starts this month and while its success remains to be seen the specifications are impressive.

Below is a comparison between the XO and my 1987 XT IMB compatible

Frankly, a computer this good deserves to be in the homes and business of those poor kids mums and dads too. Computers like the old XT revolutionized business, both large and small. They had a major impact on productivity. I hope someone can get a cheap adult version out, a mass market cheap PC could give a significant boost to less developed countries. Look how mobile phones have helped Africans. besides it would sell like hot cakes in the developed world too. I sure would love one!

Have a look at the video review below.


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