1000 hour day

Photo: Chris Bray

In 2005 two young Australian adventurers, Chris Bray and Clark Carter, began a grand adventure. They planned to trek across the mostly unexplored Arctic island of Victoria. Using a kayak/sled hybrid of their own design they hiked and paddled through inhospitable territory facing wolfs, polar bears and blizzards. It wasn’t just a he-man adventure either, the explorers managed to collect fossils and artifacts for scientific study as well. Unfortunately they were only able to complete about a third of the 1000 km journey.

Next year they will be back. This time with a new sled/raft design complete with huge Kevlar tyres. They will commence their expedition at their last departure point. With a 100 days of supplies the unsupported team will hope to complete their mission.:

The plan is that in May 2008, Chris and Clark will be dropped off at the finishing point from the 2005 expedition, dig up an Australian Geographic Society flag they conveniently left buried there, and continue on, carrying it to the most Westerly point of Victoria Island, still a good 700km away.

This time though, the boys have the advantage of experience and hindsight and have totally re-designed their PAC to be lighter, stronger, weirder and, Potential route for 2008 expedition – unconfirmed importantly, easier to handle over the rough terrain. Huge tractor inner tube tyres covered with bullet-proof Kevlar fabric should help prevent them sink into mud pits, break through thin ice, and let them roll easily over larger obstacles. See the PAC page for more details. They have also learnt never to underestimate how long such a trip will take and will bring 100 days of supplies with them for the continuation of their world-first adventure.

They will be traveling through lands no human has ever explored and aircraft pilots have reported seeing fossils of extinct bisons and whale bones so who knows what they will discover. What ever they find it sure sounds like a magnificent adventure!

Expedition site is here and have a look at the promotional video below.


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